Donnington Demographics (Chichester, England)

Donnington is a ward in Chichester of South East, England and includes areas of Kingsham and Stockbridge.

In the 2011 census the population of Donnington was 2,228 and is made up of approximately 53% females and 47% males.

The average age of people in Donnington is 44, while the median age is higher at 46.

88.8% of people living in Donnington were born in England. Other top answers for country of birth were 1.6% Scotland, 1.3% Wales, 0.7% Ireland, 0.5% Northern Ireland, 0.5% Sri Lanka, 0.5% India, 0.3% Iran, 0.2% South Africa, 0.2% United States.

96.6% of people living in Donnington speak English. The other top languages spoken are 1.0% Polish, 0.4% Spanish, 0.2% Turkish, 0.2% Lithuanian, 0.1% Persian/Farsi, 0.1% Sinhala, 0.1% German, 0.1% Northern European Language, 0.1% Swedish.

The religious make up of Donnington is 70.9% Christian, 21.9% No religion, 0.6% Buddhist, 0.3% Hindu, 0.1% Muslim, 0.1% Humanist, 0.1% Agnostic. 124 people did not state a religion. 4 people identified as a Jedi Knight.

56.5% of people are married, 9.0% cohabit with a member of the opposite sex, 0.4% live with a partner of the same sex, 19.7% are single and have never married or been in a registered same sex partnership, 7.0% are separated or divorced. There are 96 widowed people living in Donnington.

The top occupations listed by people in Donnington are Professional 22.9%, Associate professional and technical 14.2%, Managers, directors and senior officials 13.5%, Administrative and secretarial 11.3%, Skilled trades 9.5%, Corporate managers and directors 9.5%, Caring, leisure and other service 8.7%, Elementary 8.6%, Administrative 8.3%, Business and public service associate professionals 8.1%.